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August 2020

From the Risk Management Blog
Businesses don't often dig deep into their employees. They trust and assume that people are doing what they're supposed to.

Friend or Foe? Due Diligence Can Help Expose Criminal Intent

When a business neglects due diligence around its people, products, brand, or reputation and views its security posture without a critical lens, it’s depending on luck, pure and simple. And while every business is always hoping for good luck, what is luck in reverse? It’s opportunity waiting to implode.

Due diligence, as we’ll learn in our conversation with Tom Dolan, Manager of Claims & Research for Lowers & Associates, can actively be a businesses first line of defense against risk. It can provide a business the opportunity to build a strong culture.

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Acknowledging a potential insider threat wasn't part of the culture. That 3rd shift was an island unto itself.

Proactive Communication: The Human Algorithm for Managing Risk

When it comes to mitigating risk, proactive communication’s predictive capacity is less about mind-reading and more about behavior-reading. It enables a framework that employees can use to identify and communicate red flags before those red flags turn into bad behavior and a court case, or worse, yellow caution tape.

In the final entry of #OurStory series, Jon Groussman crystallizes the ’before and after of risk‘ using an example of a client that took a massive hit to employee morale and reputation that, had proactive communication and continuous monitoring been options, might have been avoidable.

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From the Financial Forensics Blog
2020: Adding Insult to Injury

Will the 2020 Hurricane Season Add Insult to Injury?

It’s hard to imagine 2020 getting any more challenging than it already is. But this year is not over yet and right now, we’re staring down the barrel of a hurricane season that is predicted to be the second most active on record. Whether or not this prediction comes true, 2020 has taught us that preparedness is crucial.

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Technology to the rescue?

Can Technology Rescue CAT Claims Accounting?

Insurtech solutions are rapidly changing the ’front end‘ of the insurance industry – the way policyholders enroll in and manage their insurance policies. But technology has been slower to infiltrate the insurance industry on the “back end” to the extent it really should. This is beginning to change and in our July 2020 CAT Insurance Industry Town Hall, we took an in-depth look at the state of technology in forensic accounting – specifically as it relates to the handling of high-volume claims that result during catastrophic events, such as hurricanes.

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In the News
Congratulations Megan Johnson, Vice President

Lowers Forensics International Promotes Megan Johnson to Vice President

Lowers Forensics International proudly announces the promotion of Megan Johnson to Vice President. Based out of the company’s Dallas office, Johnson previously served as a manager. She will now serve as a key member of the company’s leadership team.

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Armored Car

Armored Car Crime Report

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