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Gain Unparalleled Data Insights

From the trusted name in insurance risk mitigation, Lowers approaches its drone services with an insurance industry mindset to address the unique needs of insurers, brokers, claims managers, loss adjusters, and insureds.

For insurance companies who strive to better assess, prevent, and mitigate risks, Lowers Drone Solutions offers the ability to quickly and easily deploy a fully-operational, globally-accessible drone program in order to realize the insights, safety, and efficiency promised by today’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

The insurance and loss adjusting industry relies, more than ever, on the quality of data captured from site inspections to provide crucial evidence to support damage assessments. With teams of adjusters and experts working together globally, accessibility is a key requirement when it comes to the presentation of the data, which needs to be easily and quickly available across a range of devices.

This is where Lowers Drone Solutions can assist.

The Lowers Difference

  • Recognized Insurance Industry Expertise
  • Rapid Response
  • Latest Drone Technology
  • Advanced 3D Data Modeling
  • Operational Excellence
  • Global Coverage
  • FAA Compliant
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