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March 2021

From the Financial Forensics Team

Rebuilding in the Wake of a Disaster

Marc Johnson, President, Lowers Forensics International
Marisa Miller, Partner, Business Trial Practice Group, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

In 2015, 15,000 residents in the southern California community of Porter Ranch were evacuated from their homes for several months due to a significant gas leak at a nearby facility. The environmental disaster — the worst natural gas leak in United States history — was found to have been caused by a leak sprung from an underground reservoir operated and maintained by Southern California Gas (SoCalGas).

In this Claims Magazine cover story, Marc Johnson and Marisa Miller explain how wildfires and natural disasters showcase the intricacies of settling business interruption claims and reveal best-practices to follow as insurers put businesses back on the path to success.

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The Impact of COVID-19 On Employment Claims and Litigation

Martin W. Aron, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Karl Weisheit, EVP, Director of Litigation, Lowers Forensics International

COVID-19 has not only presented practical challenges for HR departments; many of the issues presented are maturing into claims. HR professionals and in-house counsel are on the front lines in addressing many familiar issues such as accommodations and workplace safety, with insurers weighing the interest in resolution against the likelihood of cases that cannot be resolved without reaching trial, and damage experts who find themselves reaching for their crystal balls.

In the Jan-Feb 2021 issue of Claims Magazine, Martin Aron and Karl Weisheit covered the impact of COVID-19 on employment claims and litigation.

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From the Adjusteck Team
Claims on Steroids

Adjusteck Adds Four New Partners to Continue Global Expansion of Loss Adjusting and Claims Handling Services

February 5, 2021 – Adjusteck announces the addition of four new partners: A. Zghoul Ltd., G. Risk, Libre Claims & Recovery Consulting, and PROLOSS. The partners join the fast-growing Adjusteck network and further expand Adjusteck’s capabilities in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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In the News

Lowers & Associates Expands Cash-In-Transit & Risk Mitigation Services in APAC with Engagement of Craig Mitchell

February 17, 2021 – Lowers & Associates (L&A) announces the engagement of Craig Mitchell and expansion of its services in the APAC region. Craig will help insurers mitigate risks and prevent losses associated with the cash in-transit and other industries in the APAC region. Craig previously served as the National Security Director for Prosegur Asia Pacific and was Managing Partner of a risk and investigation company specializing in risk and factual investigations on behalf of insurers/underwriters and private clients. This followed his 21 years in the NSW Police Force, the largest constabulary in Australia as a Major Crime Squad Detective, Tactical Field Commander, and Duty Officer.

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Insights Shared on LinkedIn

Explosives Smuggling: South Africa’s Ticking Time Bomb

Daniel Cootes, AIExpE, ASyI, Client Relationship Operations Manager, Lowers & Associates

“Recent trends in South Africa show an escalation in the use of illegally obtained, commercial mining explosives used in the breaching of Cash in Transit vehicles and ATMs in order to commit theft. This threat has steadily increased over several years thanks to vast national borders in the Southern African territory coupled with the continuing demand for illegal explosives by organized criminal gangs. As mentioned in this report by the Institute for Security Studies, these threats are not yet receding but with alternate regulatory structures and more inter-departmental collaboration, perhaps there can be some light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a blinding flash of white.”

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Ransomware Actors Leak Data From 3 More Healthcare-Related Entities

Brad Moody, Executive Vice President – US Sales, Lowers & Associates

“It makes sense that medical practices and hospital networks are a prime target for hackers hunting personal information. It is the one place where a single document provides personal information like a Social Security number, Date of Birth, Emergency Contact, Address, etc. There is enough information in one place to create lifelong issues.”

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U.S. Power Crisis Leaves Millions Cold, Dark as Blackouts Expand

Jennifer Wolfgang, Account Manager, Lowers & Associates

“Last year it was wildfires across Australia; this year it is arctic temperatures in Texas causing massive blackouts. In this highly unpredictable world, make sure that your Business Continuity Plans are being reviewed and updated. You never know when you will need to implement them, or for what reason!”

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Terrorists Could Make a ‘Dirty Bomb’ From This Common Medical Device; Why Regulators Won’t Act

Brad Moody, Executive Vice President – US Sales, Lowers & Associates

“Domestic Terrorism has been mentioned a lot recently, and hospitals and healthcare facilities are most likely not top of mind when you hear this term; maybe they should be. What happens when a hot lab technician “steps out for just a second,” leaving the door propped open because they don’t have their badge or can’t find their keys? Radioactive materials are now unattended and unsecured. Even a teaspoon of the radioactive material is devastating… L&A has seen this happen and explains the risk of complacency, helping to prevent catastrophic results. Our team of experienced professionals can assist in understanding these risks and mitigating them from a holistic viewpoint.”

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Armored Car

Armored Car Crime Report

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