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November 2020

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International Fraud Week. Proud Supporter.

Tune in to Our Special Fraud Week Coffee Break Series

We are proud to announce that we will once again participate in International Fraud Awareness Week, Nov. 15-21, 2020, as an official supporter to promote anti-fraud awareness and education. The movement, known commonly as Fraud Week, champions the need to proactively fight fraud and help safeguard business and investments from the growing fraud problem.

During Fraud Week, we will post a special Coffee Break Series, consisting of short videos and articles on our risk management blog and LinkedIn page. The series schedule is as follows:

Fraud in the Time of COVID-19: How the Pandemic is Helping to Mask Fraud

Monday, Nov. 16


•  Mark Lowers, CFE, Founder and CEO, Lowers Risk Group
•  Brad Moody, CFE, CFI, EVP of Operations, Lowers Risk Group

Fraud Runs Amok: Where Are the Whistleblowers and Auditors Today?

Tuesday, Nov. 17


•  Sergio P. Negreira, CPA, CFF, JD, Executive Vice President, Latin America & Global Forensics Services, Lowers Forensics International

Got Situational Awareness? Looking at the Fraud Triangle During COVID-19

Wednesday, Nov. 18


•  Carlos Rivera, CFE, MAFF, Senior Vice President – Caribbean & Latin America, Lowers Forensics International
•  Grant Mizel, Financial Analyst, Emerging Markets, Lowers Risk Group

Cyberfraud and COVID-19: Think You’re Not at Risk? Think Again.

Thursday, Nov. 19


•  Steven Schwartz, Chief Revenue Officer, Periculus

Lessons Learned from Real-Life Stories of Fraud

Friday, Nov. 20


•  Neil Watson, Director, Global Operations, Lowers & Associates

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[WHITEPAPER] Our Work. Our Stories.

In this collection of stories, we share security tips, unique industry insights, and first-person accounts that have helped refine our purpose and that we believe can be applied to any industry.

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From the Financial Forensics Blog
Coffee Break

Efficiency, Accuracy and Evolution: Why It (Really) Matters to the Insurance Industry

In this Coffee Break, David Gardiner explains why Efficiency, Accuracy and Evolution matter to the insurance industry. Having been on the ground for most of the major catastrophes over the last two decades, David believes the future of forensic accounting MUST look different if it is to keep pace.

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Welcome Sarah Halestrap, Forensic Accountant, London Office

Lowers Forensics International Welcomes Sarah Halestrap as Forensic Accountant Based in London

Sarah Halestrap, MCSI, LLB, LLM joins the London office of Lowers Forensics International as a forensic accountant. “We are excited to share Sarah’s unique perspective and experiences with our clients as they continue to face increasingly complex financial threats and challenges alongside an ever-evolving set of compliance obligations,” stated Marc Johnson, president of Lowers Forensics International.

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Armored Car Crime Report

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